With 3D Body Scanning Technologies Get your Own Virtual ‘Avatar’

Wouldn’t you want to try on various clothes for a party without having to physically try them? And you can wear them as per your choice with the most perfect skin fit. Also, you wouldn’t have to consult a doctor for controlling obesity time and again. Do all these talks seem improbable to you? Well, you clearly haven’t heard of revolutionary 3D body scanning technologies.

In no time, 3D body scanners have developed a strong footing in medical, fashion, fitness and 3D printing industries. These body scanners offer a variety of over 1000 different body measurements or from any random point to point measurement. It can provide a 3D scan in just one second! Plus the body scanner can preform a 4D scan. It helps in quick survey of body fat and devises a roadmap on how to shed excess fat in located parts of the body. Waist to hip ratio, which is often identified as an effective indicator of heart diseases, can also be determined by such body scanners.

Apart from medical usage, the machine can be widely used to take 3D body measurements to create clothes that have a perfect fit. You can easily create a virtual image of yourself with the exact body built. This helps you to virtually try on as many outfits as you want. And that too on the click of a button! You can visualize how you would look if you were to wear a particular dress. Visiting your household tailor, an age old tradition for giving body measurements, has become a history.

Founded in 1979 in USA, [TC]² has been making strides in breakthrough 3D body scanning technologies. It has taken 3D scanning process to a whole a new dimension. And still the success story continues. It has recently collaborated with [TC]² labs for inventing body fitness instruments using 3D technology. Their machines help to obtain a 360° body image helping a person to determine various fitness and health ratios. With the help of ‘Imagetwin’, you can create a virtual mirror enabling virtual fitting facility. The quality and pricing of their products are unmatchable.

About [TC]²:

[TC] ² is a company manufacturing automated body scanners which enable 3D body scanning, virtual replica pattern making by fashion designers and exact body measurements.

For more details, you may log on to Tc2.com.