Why you should consider using Alcohol free Hand Sanitizers?

It goes without saying that cleanliness is important for a healthy mind, body and spirit. One of the most steps to avoid spreading of germs and bacteria is maintaining your personal hygiene. Cleaning and washing your hands is a significant so as to prevent certain diseases and helps building your antibiotic resistance. Cleaning your hands by a hand sanitizer which kills bacteria and micro germs, but do not dry out hands. Most of the people prefer carrying hand sanitizers outside as in their workplace, just to ensure their hands are cleaned at regular intervals.

As a matter of fact, hand sanitizer lotion is the first line of defense against germs and bacteria. They are handy and so, they are easy to use. Hand sanitizers are generally available in the form of solutions, gel and foam. They can be categorized into two types namely, alcohol based sanitizers and alcohol free sanitizers. Alcohol based sanitizers are known for killing 99% germs and bacteria as alcohol or isopropanol are the active ingredients in alcohol based sanitizers. However, these sanitizers are flammable due to the high amount of alcohol present in them. This is the reason why it is recommended to keep these sanitizers way from candles, flames and gas appliances and should be kept out of the reach of kids. Also, alcohol based sanitizers dry out hands and also causes cracking and irritation in hands.

On the other hand, alcohol free hand sanitizers are a reliable germ killer, and do not contain alcohol. These substances are not toxic and non-flammable. Such sanitizers are made up from natural ingredients like thyme, tea tree oil and so forth. Quaternary ammonium compounds are present in these types of sanitizer. Alcohol free hand sanitizers offer adequate bacterial resistance and are also safe. GermBloc® is a leading brand that provides alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion which is effective in killing germs. Their products are as per FDA & CDC standards so as to ensure complete safety.

About GermBloc®

GermBloc® is one of the renowned and reliable brands that is dedicated in producing and offering alcohol free hand sanitizer which is effective in killing bacteria helps preventing harmful diseases. For more information, visit Germbloc.com.