Why Worry About Dumb Iphone Apps When You’ve Got Simple Tricks To Remove Them?

There is no question to be raised against the fact that Apple’s iPhone is unarguably the most sought after smart phone brand that has took the whole world by storm and has acclaimed immense popularity both among youth and elderly. Each one of the newly released version of iPhones makes them feel frenzied and crave more for them. Well! You too might have noticed the long standing queues in the iPhone store where people are eager to buy the newly released iPhone version be it, iPhone 5s or 6s. The extraordinary mobile application, cloud services and iOS support makes iPhone the ever trending market leaders. However, the users often get entangled with the pre installed apps or the first-party apps that come along with factory made versions and give users a tough time to deal with.

The iPhone users across the world feel ensnared with these unwanted apps and often call them as dumb iPhone Apps as apart from rendering no use, these apps consume a lot of battery power and also use a considerable amount of memory space which makes them a costly affair to be kept stored in the phone.

There are some simple ways like to pop all the unwanted apps in a single folder in the screen and to never get back to them again. But there are also a few tricks to break the apple restrictions and to get rid of iPhone Apps that annoy you. To organize the unwanted apps into folders just press and hold the icon of any of them till it starts to appear throbbing and then drag it to the second app you want to be in the folder. The iOS automatically creates a title for the folder but you can rename it by simply tapping on its name.

The other way to delete the apps is to press the Home button of the screen or by pressing all five fingers on screen and dragging those inwards. Find the app’s icons you wish to remove and press hold for few seconds until the icons start wobbling gently with a small cross appearing in a grey circle with each. Now, you can tap the cross to delete and get rid of Apps within few seconds.

However, you can get back the deleted app from the App Store as Apple is intelligent enough to remember that you’ve bought it already and the app store will offer the option to download it again without price tag or any other charges.

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