What is Automatic Call Distribution?

Automatic call distribution (ACD) allows companies with substantial inbound telephone traffic to handle calls efficiently and in a manner that promotes optimal customer retention. Companies that benefit from service range from insurance corporations, health care facilities, institutions of higher education, large retailers, contractors, and any other business that relies on incoming calls to cultivate new customers and to nurture existing ones. ACD systems minimize the amount of time callers spend in limbo on the line waiting to be connected with someone who can help them. The basic premise being ACD systems involves a routing strategy that utilizes algorithms that determine the best possible employee or department for the incoming caller to speak to.

Keeping costs per contact rates as low as possible without sacrificing customer satisfaction levels and overall positive results is what CallerReady excels at. You company will be able to handle more calls without missing a single contact. Sales agents benefit significantly as well, because calls are automatically routed to the member of the sales staff who can best help individual callers.

The feature that distinguishes CallerReady from the competition is its pay-per-call platform. This means that the agents compete for each call. But why not just send the call to the agent who has been waiting the longest? The answer is simple: just because an agent is waiting for a call, it doesn’t mean that they are ready to take it. Consider that the agent may have a connection issue or she may have left the office without signing off the system. This will eventually result in a very frustrated caller who would probably never call again. The pay-per-call software ensures that callers and agents are connected when both parties are READY!

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