What is a Good Pay Per Call CRM System?

A Pay Per Call Customer Relations Management System (CRM) is vital for any sales team. A good CRM can efficiently manage inbound calls, qualifying callers before they reach a live agent. CallerReady, utilizing IVR technology, ensures callers ultimately connect with the agent best qualified to handle their call. How calls are awarded can be determined by various factors. For example, skills required, priority, agent availability, and custom rules.

Beyond pairing callers with the best agent to assist them, CallerReady, unlike other platforms, does not award calls based solely on the wait time of the agents. Instead, CallerReady engages multiple agents simultaneously, creating the fastest human-to-human connections. The agents can follow up calls that are not immediately converted using CallerReady’s Call Tracking Software. Further, data from every call and follow-up is stored and can be converted into an easy-to-read report, which advertisers can use to track sales metrics.

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