What are ETN Focus Workshops?

ETN Focus Workshops are educational events focused on diversifying international student body by connecting local experts with universities and institutions from all over the world.

Inspired by the busy education professionals, ETN Focus Workshops reinvent networking events into exclusive and relaxed opportunities to select only the most relevant partners in less explored markets. We take schools on a learning experience to convert their institution into an in international student recruitment leader by providing them with valuable regional insights and contacts.

Unlike traditional large conferences, ETN Focus Workshops are focused events concentrated on providing valuable local insights, contacts and expertise. By attending our workshops all institutions involved the unique chance to get and share knowledge about new trends, new markets and important business opportunities.

For Educators ETN Focus Workshop offers an exclusive chance to connect only with the most relevant contacts in regional markets that help them boost the multinational enrollment in their institution and position it among the leaders in global students’ recruitment.

For Agents the calendar of events promises an opportunity for them to expand their portfolio and build valuable partnerships by meeting Educators from top destination countries.

ETN Focus Workshops bring educators and agents together to smaller and regional events that help them develop more personal relationships while offering many networking and professional development opportunities.

To ensure all meetings and involvement in the workshops run smoothly, our team aims to take out all the hassle related to organization, timing and communication. As such, we arrange the meetings on institution’s behalf by matching it with the Agent or Educator who best meets their objectives, so that they don’t have to worry about scheduling meetings beforehand.

ETN Focus workshops have been developed with the intention to provide an exclusive opportunity for participants to engage in specific topic-focused meetings.   These meetings allow them to gain deeper insight into the needs and capabilities of both education providers and students via their schools and agents. Unlike other fairs, the workshops aim to enable greater interaction and better understanding through seminars, panel and group discussions.

For more information Please visit us at http://www.etnworkshops.com OR Call us at 0039 0971 51794