Weight Loss Damage Motivation

Invisible Weight Loss Damage Motivation

As an example he mentions a draw attempt, which has allowed two uniform experimental groups of obese people follow two basic different treatments, one of which led to rapid weight loss (very low calorie diet ~ 800 calories daily), while the other gave a slow decrease in weight.

Here it turned out that those who lost it slowly, not fared better than those who lost weight fast, on the long track. On the contrary, had the overweight on the less stringent treatment (low calorie diet of 800-1200 calories daily) a trend towards faster to lose motivation, because they had to fight long before they could get an eye on the outcome of their efforts.

» By saying to people that they don’t need to lose weight fast, then destroys it some successes, “points out Arne Astrup.

A rapid weight loss will in this context means that we lose around a kilo a week. And the weight loss may not be much less before it creates frustration, he says.

» My own assessment is that it means a lot to our motivation and perseverance, we will be rewarded. You will be frustrated, if you weigh it after a week of treatment and can see that there are only 300 grams of smoked. It gets many overweight to jump from. Our study shows that the more you lose, the less risk there is that one gives up.

Health Agency: Habits are most important

Tatjana Habesha, special consultant, master of brom., Ph.d. Health Agency believes that one must be careful to take konkludsioner on transferability-believing that what works in a research context also works in reality.

» In the type of research studies that have been included in the study, each participant was followed closely. But we do not know what URf.eks. will happen with their weight after some years. The fact is that we are sending people home to their own refrigerators again. And here there is a danger of taking it lost again, unless you have worked with its habits and changed lifestyle.

Also the degree of motivation plays in her view in.

“There is also a risk that those who register to participate in a research study, as a starting point is very motivated to lose weight. It provides immediate results in the project period and, in the short term. But what is essential to examine is whether the study participants at the long course have learned something by being included in the project and have been able to find a balance, so they do not eat more than they need and can keep the weight throughout life. Small steps can help one to continually adjust their habits to something healthier, which then becomes the new habits and lifestyle.More Information Click Here