We Do Education Workshops Differently – ETN Focus Workshops

Working within the education industry, you will be aware of the effects globalization is having on the way we deliver education and the challenges students face in meeting the demands of an ever-evolving transnational workplace.


ETN Focus Workshops transform education networking events into exclusive opportunities to capture only the most relevant contacts from unexplored regional markets and to guide and develop institutions into international student recruitment leaders.


How are our Focus Workshops different?


We are exclusive ETN Focus Workshops is a unique event experience where a limited number of participants are invited, as we believe that what makes a successful workshop is quality, not quantity. Every workshop is an innovative yet personalized event, and this is why there are no more than 30 tables allocated.


Participants gain strategic insight – To help institutions focus on what’s important and keep the human touch, Educators have the opportunity to deliver short presentations about their organization in advance to the one-to-one meetings. This way, they have the chance to highlight the most attractive and worthwhile features about the institution whilst agents take notes and avoid hearing the same information over and over again. With all the details already in mind, during the individual meetings, both sides save time to focus on the true aspects of their collaboration and on building meaningful relationships.


Stress-free experience – excellent business performance depends to a great extent on personal attributes and in order to ease participation and help institutions develop skills for handling successful meetings, we provide video trainings through our website and professional consulting sessions at the event. As part of the experience, ETN is committed to holding Focus Workshops at elegant and luxurious venues for comfort during institution’s participation. The workshops aim to avoid the sense of ‘speed dating’ with rushed conversations and instead convert them into peer discussions with opportunities for quality networking. Our team takes care of all the details, allowing you to focus on getting the most out of the event.


Affordable packages and early bird offers – ETN is among the very few education workshops providers that include accommodation costs in the package for educators and exhibitors and also don’t charge for additional booking or registration fees. Thinking about all details, our team gets to know our clients’ plan in advance and allocate only a certain budget to marketing activities. This is why at ETN Focus Workshops all attendees get the maximum value out of the event.

Regional perspective – As opposed to other education conference organizers that base their events in established and thoroughly exploited markets, ETN Focus Workshops also search for alternative and less explored routes where institutions could find fresh opportunities to diversify their international student body whilst local agents benefit from long-term collaboration with global partners.


At ETN Focus Workshop we not only strive to fulfill the needs of top-notch education providers that seek to innovate but  to also understand the challenges of up and coming institutions looking for the right contacts to grow their international student mix in an increasingly competitive global environment. From our experience, we have come to the conclusion that connecting the right people on a local level is key to growing globally and tackling issues of differentiation against tough competition.


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