Vital Procedures in Ordering Custom Taps and Dies

hss-tapPeople using taps and dies have different needs on their tools according to their needs. Some, however, may need custom dies and taps to find the right ones that fit their needs. The following are some of the things to remember in getting custom dies and taps in case you will need these tools:

Look for What You need First

A seller offers a long list of dies and taps. Before asking about customization, it’s best to ask first about all their inventories or tell the sellers the details of your needed tools. There’s a high chance that they have it, but you just overlooked it as you search. Getting the preset pieces will save you a lot of money. Custom tools may cost higher than the ones that are available since sellers will still need to create special templates to create your tools.

If you can’t find the ones you need in their inventories, send sellers the details including range, type, and materials. Sellers will help find what you need in their inventories.

Know Tap Details

If you can’t find the ones that meet your requirements, it’s time to order for custom HSS taps and dies. Provide all the details to ensure they will create the tools properly.

The details you must provide are the ones mentioned earlier provided during the inquiry. Since you plan to order, you would need to provide more details.

Ask If Customization is Possible

Some sellers may easily do taps and dies for you. They offer customization if clients don’t find what they need in their inventories. If the seller doesn’t offer this deal on their websites, ask if they can continue with the customization process.

Sellers that offer customization would ask additional details about your orders. Ask about their needed technical details then prepare them. You may have the first set of details, but sellers may require more. Once you have all information at hand, send them to the seller and they will tell you if the project is doable or not.

Confirm Turnaround Time

After seller confirms their capability of doing custom taps, inquire about turnaround time in completing the project. Some sellers should be able to respond immediately with the turnaround time. You need to get your tools completed as soon as possible. Depending on your tools’ details and the quantity, you may get your orders within two weeks or more.

Getting taps and dies is possible with all the stores offering them now. But for people with special tap and die requirements, custom taps are the only solutions. Look for sellers that offer custom taps to ensure you’ll get the ones you need without compromising quality. They will make them using top caliber materials with the help of expert machinists.

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