Unlock Smartphone Backups with Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

When it comes to extracting data from locked smartphones, only a handful of methods are available. Physical acquisition works great for many Android devices, but this method is only available for Apple smartphones if they are jailbroken. With limited jailbreak availability on latest versions of iOS, experts have to look elsewhere when it comes from extracting data from a locked iPhone.

If you’re looking for an iPhone cloud backup password recovery tool, look no further. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker https://www.elcomsoft.com/eppb.html is a tool for the law enforcement and IT security experts. The tool can decrypt iPhone backups, helping experts break into encrypted backups created with Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) devices.

In addition to iOS, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports two more platforms: Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) and BlackBerry 10, offering Windows Phone cloud password recovery and BlackBerry cloud password recovery options. In order to download Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) backups, Microsoft Account password must be known. Similarly, in order to decrypt a BlackBerry 10 backup, you must know the correct BlackBerry ID password.

When it comes to Apple iOS, users have a choice of two distinctly different backup mechanisms. First, they can use iTunes installed on their computer to back up the content of their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly onto their computer. We call this method a “local backup” or “iTunes backup”. Apple encourages users to protect their backups with a password. Password-protected backups are securely encrypted, which means that the data is not available until you enter the correct password to decrypt the backup.

When it comes to local backups, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can do two things. If you already know the password, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can decrypt the backup (which only takes a few minutes). If the backup is protected with an unknown password, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can perform a range of dictionary-based and brute-force attacks on that password. The tool supports GPU acceleration, which means that the most computationally intensive tasks are offloaded from the computer’s CPU onto the powerful GPU units found in gaming video cards made by ATI and NVIDIA. This GPU acceleration boosts recovery speeds 20 to 50 times compared to using the computer’s CPU alone, even if that’s a high-end CPU.

While local backups are a great mechanism allowing users to back up and restore their devices in minutes (literally), the entire “connect it with a USB cable” workflow is not for everyone. With this in mind, Apple designed a different way to back up information without having to do anything out of the ordinary routine.

iOS devices (since iOS 7) can also back up into the cloud. iOS 7 and 8 back up into iCloud, while iOS 9 stores backups in iCloud Drive. These “cloud” backups are also encrypted; however, Apple keeps encryption keys alongside with the main data, so knowing the user’s Apple ID and password (or having access to a computer with iCloud Control Panel installed) allows Elcomsoft Phone Breaker downloading and decrypting information from the cloud without engaging into a lengthy brute-force.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker comes with a downloadable evaluation version. Download Elcomsoft Phone Breaker at https://www.elcomsoft.com/eppb.html

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