Top Best Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers 2016 For Sale

Air Jordans 2016, The Air Jordan XXX marks yet another shoe in the continuously growing list of silhouettes that Michael Jordan never actually got to wear while playing basketball. Lots of people say that as soon as Michael stopped playing ball that’s when the Air Jordan signature line took a turn for the worst. One thing that’s for certain when it comes to the last few (and most current) Air Jordan flagship signature sneakers is that the main focus/goal of the shoe is performance. The designers over at Jordan Brand want to make sure that the shoe will perform well in the area that it’s meant to be used for, playing basketball. With athletes like Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard wearing the Air Jordan 29, JB has to make sure that the shoe meets certain requirements and that real athletes like love wearing it on the court.
Any pair of New Jordans 2016 basketball shoes that carry the iconic Jumpman logo is bound to be expensive. The signature New Jordans 2016 sneaker line of Michael Jordan, probably the best basketball player ever to play the game, the Air Jordan Brand has embedded itself as an important piece of basketball culture and history. From the first time Jordan laced up the “Banned” model up to the moment when he took the game-winning shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, Jordan became the face of high quality performance sneakers and his shoes have become the stuff of legend.
The first Cheap Jordans 2016 with a tumbled leather upper instead of nylon mesh and Jordan Brand knocked it out of the park. Don’t let the fact that these didn’t sell out on release day fool you to believe that they weren’t amazing sneakers, Jordan Brand just produced a much higher quantity this year so more people were able to get their hands on a pair. But looking back, the most expensive Air Jordans ever sold are not the ones we see today, sported by modern basketball superstars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. These are models that existed during the reign of His Airness, an indication that basketball and Michael Jordan are two inseparable entities.