Top 5 Trendy Sarees that You’ve Missed in This Year

The oldest Indian outfit has become more innovative in few years and didn’t fail to amaze people who love to wear sarees. From silk to georgette, lehenga to Bollywood, from long and pre-draped, here are the top 5 latest sarees you need to look for –

Cape Sarees

The smoking hot thing on the market, capes are now a part of saree. It can be steep or opaque, or it can cover you up on in the winter. The cape part of this outfit look really gorgeous and luxurious. The advantage is you don’t need a particular season to wear these kinds of sarees, you can wear it on summer or winter, or even in monsoon, it will never fail to make you look beautiful and comfortable. Also you can look for-

  • Jacket cape sarees
  • Cropped cape sarees
  • Floor touch cape sarees

Saree Gown

One of the most popular sarees in the country for engagements and unique weddings. The layered styles look fantastic on it, and with slits, it looks perfect for a bride. You can also go for sequin gold lehenga saree that will make a great intro to your wedding or your friend’s. However, the saree became famous because of the brides of the country, and mostly used in wedding occasions but you can also try it on other occasion purposes.

Pre-Draped Sarees

The concept sarees or the pre-draped are the latest trends among saree lovers. It is undoubtedly beautiful and you need to wear it in a unique way. It comes with a fabric around your waist and sometimes it comes with a slit. Also, experimenting with other outfits are incredible, like with scarves, leggings, and trousers you’ll look extraordinary. Also, different fabrics and colors are the important part of these sarees. Mostly, you can wear these sarees in an off-beat occasion, with a heel, you’ll look jaw dropping. Also, you can try some accessories on your head with contrasting colors to make you look unique.

Long Trains Sarees

Long trains sarees are designed with long pallu which will sweep the floor behind, not just only touch it. It has a butt-cape or you can say an extension of the pallu, that makes it unique and stylish. With faux georgette material, these latest saris are quite comfortable and lightweight, also looks gorgeous on anyone. Usually, the colors and silhouette feel is what you’ll love on these sarees.

Pop Printed Sarees

The happiest colors you’ll see on these sarees, and it will make you happy in a minute if you’re having a bad day. Yes! You read that right. These fun and bold pop arts on the sarees may not be the wedding material, but if you’re attending a glamour party in the evening, it will become an eye catcher. However, the brush strokes and geometric patterns look quite fabulous and fun colors will never make you feel sad.


Whether you’re wearing these sarees on your wedding or a late night party, make sure you feel comfortable in the gathering. Also, you can adopt the ideas and make a fusion of your kind of sarees look bold and glamorous. But firstly, start experimenting.

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