Top 3 Benefits of Buying Commercial Property

Have you been looking for a lucrative investment choice? If yes, then you need to consider checking out the real estate deals. But whether to choose a residential or commercial property for your investment? The final choice boils down to your personal preferences and requirements. Most of the investors consider buying commercial real estates as a smart financial decision. Retail buildings, offices, warehouses, apartments and mixed use buildings fall under the category of commercial properties. The bridge retail mall located in Phnom Penh City of Cambodia is a case in point. Modernly designed and constructed, this building with all the premium luxurious facilities is an ideal choice for apartments and offices. Why you should think about buying a commercial property? Here are a few reasons you need to know.


  • Higher returns on investment: Compared to the residential plots, commercial rentals ensure higher earning potential to the investor. Rent or lease payments for commercial real estate are higher which gives a better chance to the investor for earning more income.
  • Longer lease, but shorter operation hours: A tenant can opt for a turn over every six to twelve months. But when it comes to a commercial establishment, they would prefer a longer lease term. At the same time, the hours of operation would be shorter. Generally, most of the businesses go home at night, barring the emergency calls.
  • Cash flow opportunities: As a commercial property investor, you may figure out the ways to generate a positive cash flow from your property. This can be done by adding value to your property through re-development plans. The bridge retail mall with strata title shops has higher chance to generate cash flow opportunities.

No matter whether you are planning to buy residential or commercial property, keep in mind that due diligence is critical in taking every decision.

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