Tips for Bisexuals to Come out

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When you are going to let people know who you really are- your bisexual identity, you may worry about what they will think about you. No matter who you are, being a bisexual is not a easy thing. Coming out as bisexual is much more difficult than the identity of being bisexual. Most bisexuals suffer because they know that many people do not accepted bisexual. Lesbians and gays are better than bisexuals.
Luckily, you’re not alone. So many people have already experienced this hell before. We are now here to share this experience and some tips for the remaining bisexual people who are going to out.
1. Be proud of who you are. Your sexual orientation is never something should be ashamed of- it is only one tiny part of all the character that makes you who you are. Don’t think that you’ ll have to choose between your faith and your sexuality.
2.  Decide who you want to tell first. It will make things easier to choose someone who will be supportive, like parents, a friend, sibling or teacher. As soon as you’ve opened up to the first person things will seem a thousand times easier and clearer for you.  This will also help build confidence to tell the rest of the world.
3.  Don’t label yourself as bisexual if you don’t want to. You may feel ready to come out, you may not feel ok to fit the particular label as bisexual people. Using terms bisexual is absolutely fine, but never force yourself to identify as anything unless you are ready for that. Follow your heart and feelings and go with them! If a label helps you and feels right then great. If it does not then just ignore!
4. Get tips or experience from people who have came out. GO to bisexual communities or bisexual dating sites to meet bisexual people there. Find someone who has already came out and get tips from them.  Or you can read interviews from celebrities.
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