The Ultimate Revelation Of Patiala Salwar

Patiala suits are native to the land of Punjab and are worn by the women of Punjab as their traditional outfit. These kinds of suits originated from the region of Patiala in Punjab, as the name suggests. The specialty about Patiala salwar kameez is that the salwar has a different shape and form. They are also known as Shahi Salwar suits because of their grand appearance. Patiala suits did not come into fashion recently. They are traditional outfits and have been worn by women in Punjab for decades. But suddenly they got highlighted in the fashion scenario recently and since then they are being tried out by every woman in India.

The highlight of Patiala salwar kameez is the royal pleats from the hip till the ankle. Beautiful pleats are stitched while making the salwar to give it the voluminous look. They end at the ankles where they are constricted to bring the characteristic look. This kind of a Patiala suit gives an elegant, flared look to the person wearing it and is worn with short kurtis to highlight the waist section and flaunt the curves really well.

Patiala Salwar requires extra cloth for its making to create the flowing pleats and voluminous look. Usual salwars need 2.5 metres of fabric while a Patiala salwar requires 3.5 metres of cloth. The heavily pleated look is done in a special way for the attractive appearance. You can have Patiala suits made out of any kind of fabric but satin, silk, georgette and cotton are the most preferred ones. They can be plain or embroidered, depending upon your dress material.

As for the kameez part, Patiala suits are never worn with long kameezes as that would hide the beautiful pleats that characterize the Patiala salwar. They are worn with short kameez that extend up to the thighs. Patialas look best with kameees with short sleeves or three quarter sleeves. You can have cotton, silk or brocade kameez to wear with the Patiala salwars. Usually the salwar and the dupatta are kept of the same colour while the kameez should be contrasting to highlight each and every section of the attire. If the kameez is well embellished go for a plain Patiala and dupatta or vice versa as that would make the balance perfect, killing any kind of monotony.

Patiala suits are traditional and yet very contemporary in nature. You can wear them on festivals, weddings and also carry them perfectly at office. All depends on the various kind of dress material or fabric out of which your Patiala salwar is made. Of course you wouldn’t wear a heavily embellished one to your office. For office purposes you can contrast pastel shade pintuck kurtis or khadi kurtis with dark colour patialas. Women often choose to mix and match monochrome patialas with thigh length colourful kurtis and leave out the dupatta. This can be an extremely comfortable and stylish look for the sultry days in summer. So Patiala salwar are the next thing to get stitched from your tailor if you love to have new and comfortable fashion every day.

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