The promotions companies can help you achieve the desired sales


This is the age of tremendous competition. You find many business enterprises offering the same products and services as you are. Having a great brand would not be enough. You should know how to translate the exceptional qualities of your brand into success. This requires you to have an effective and excellent marketing and promotional campaign to stay ahead of the competition. The best way to achieve these objections is to enlist the support of the promotions company. Such companies specialize in promotional activities. They have expertise in brand activation activities as well.

The role of such promotions companies:

Such promotions companies work on the brand ambassador theory. A brand ambassador is a person who has knowledge of the brand. He uses this knowledge to promote the brand in his circles. In this way, the knowledge of the product reaches more people thereby resulting in a better conversion rate.

The promotion companies South Africa have had a very important role to play in the activation of a large number of brands across many countries in the African continent. They have a database of brand ambassadors in a multitude of locations. These companies usually work on a unique four-tier brand ambassador-rating platform. They classify the brand ambassadors based on their communication skills, marketing ability, financial knowledge, and compatibility with the use of computers and technology. We shall now look at the ways by which these companies function.

Brand Activation:

The brand activation process involves many individual steps. We shall see these individual processes in brief.

•Sampling: One way of introducing a brand is to make people aware of the brand. They should know that an alternate is available to them at any point. This may involve distributing free samples to the people to bring about an awareness of the brand.

•Demonstrations and Roadshows: You can hand over a free sample any time. However, if people do not know how to use the product, it would be of no avail. Having demonstrations at strategic locations and opportune time would arouse an interest in the people about the brand.

•Pamphlets: This is an old method. However, this is a successful method in many ways. Distributing pamphlets can also bring about awareness.

•Launch: Your product should have a grand launch. These promotions companies can help you achieve this process.

•Mob psychology: Usually, this tactic works. People tend to move in groups. If one influential member of the group is able to market your brand among the others in the group, your brand can take off smoothly.


This strategy is different from the promotional strategy because of the fact it uses experimental marketing to build long lasting relationships. The promotional campaigns target instant sales and profit whereas the experimentation concentrates on long-term gains. Promotion companies extend their services to such activities as well. They may have to use the social media network liberally to achieve their target through these means.

Field marketing:

This is one of the oldest and time-tested methods. It has been successful until date. Hence, there should not be any reason to tinker with the same.


You have just seen how the promotional companies conduct various marketing initiatives to promote the sale of the products. The brand ambassadors have a great role to play in each of the methods of marketing.

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