The new Live Video Streaming Software for YouTube, Facebook and Live for iPhone

This maybe a subject of varied opinions, but social media trends have gained enough importance in everyday life and affected it significantly. The social media world exploded with the coming of meme culture, which influenced a lot of other trends after it. Then came the selfie trend after which you found all the friends on your timeline posting close photos taken by their own hands from the lately introduced front camera, in turn beautified by numerous app based photograph filters.

Trends come and trends go with time. Most of them last no more than a month. But what trends do is, introduce us to something innovative and new, which is valued enough to gain a cult, followed worldwide. However, if used in a productive way, live video streams on social media can have a fair share of advantages.

Facebook is a platform where people can conveniently view live videos. It even has a feature to record the live videos which can be viewed later. Live events for YouTube have been around for quite some time. Other websites like Tumblr and Twitter are also slowly grasping on the concepts of live streaming. By 2017, the world will be able to witness everything important while it is happening in real time. Previously platform restricted, live broadcasting was exclusively for televisions. But recently, with the coming of new apps it’s been made possible to stream live videos on social media platforms and even YouTube, free of cost.

A mobile application, Cameleon by New York based software developers Yatko, has made it possible for everybody to have their own reality show or a live channel where they talk about anything on the most widely used platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and others, where reaching people is easier. The app is the easiest way to take your creative ideas live and receive live feedback from followers all around the world. It is very easy to use app to take YouTube live for iPhone. The way the process of arranging a live broadcast is simplified by the app, is exceptional. All it takes after downloading the app and installing it, adding a camera and done!

About Yatko:

Yatko is a leading software company which is best known for their app Cameleon, which is an excellent platform to go live for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other major platforms. For more information, visit