The MBA degree, the window to the corporate world


Higher education is essential in today’s environment. In the earlier days, you could land a happy and prestigious job just being a graduate. Today, the situation has changed a lot. There is tremendous competition in the market. You find millions of graduates coming out of the colleges every year. Under such circumstances, having a graduate degree alone would not be enough for you to survive in this world. There is an urgent requirement for pursuing a postgraduate degree in any field. The most common postgraduate degree you come across would be the MBA degree. The Master of Business Administration or the MBA as the world calls it has the highest demand in the education and the employment market as well.

The concept of the MBA degree:

The MBA degree has great value in the corporate world today. Most of the corporates would like their top management people to be MBAs. Thus, acquiring an MBA degree would be a step towards attaining the top posts in the corporate sector. The MBAs have other fields to show their expertise as well. They can become successful entrepreneurs. This degree would enable them to run their business better. The environment today is such that any company would prefer to recruit an MBA in place of a candidate with any other degree. This is the importance of the MBA degree today.

The scope of the MBA degree:

People may have the notion that MBA is a business qualification. Hence, students with a scientific or a literary background would not be able to do an MBA. This is, unfortunately, a wrong notion. There are hundreds of MBA courses available that has nothing to do with commerce. Business is a very broad term. Of course, commerce and accountancy are important arms of a business. However, there are other streams as well such as Marketing, Banking, Finance, Risk Management, Supply and Chain management, etc. The list could go on endlessly.

The advantages of doing an MBA:

  • The MBA is an advanced degree course. You would naturally become an expert in the field in which you pursue your MBA.
  • The MBA has the opportunity of reaching the top in his or her organization. The companies and organizations prefer an MBA to lead them.
  • The MBA degree holder can become a successful entrepreneur on his own. He can launch a startup company and use the knowledge gained while doing the MBA to become a leading businessperson in the future.
  • Switching jobs would be easy for an MBA in comparison with people not having an MBA degree.

Some offbeat MBA degrees:

Usually, people expect MBA to have links with commerce, finance, banking, etc. However, there are certain courses that are offbeat MBAs.

MBA in Journalism: This is an offbeat course having great demand in the market environment.

MBA in Music: This is also an out of the ordinary MBA courses. There may not be much demand as on date. However, the demand would surely pick up in the future.

MBA Fashion: This degree is gaining popularity in South Africa. You have many students pursuing their MBA South Africa in Fashion.


The MBA degree has a great deal of importance in the market today. Hence, you see more students opting for the same.

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