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Seeking the companionship of a consenting female is one of the cherished needs of a male in this world. Having sex is a natural activity. Some people provide these sexual services for a fee as a profession. You know such people as prostitutes. In some countries such as the United Kingdom, they use a polished term such as Escorts in London. In fact providing such facilities is legal in the UK as in many other countries. However, in some countries prostitution is illegal. Under such circumstances, the escort agencies work on a strict “No Sex” basis.

The business model of the escort services:

The sexual urge is the basic urge of every human being. He or she can go to any extent to satisfy this particular urge. You can find such escort services in all cities and towns in the world. Sometimes, the escort agencies claim that they offer companionship services alone without the sex quotient. However, this might be only a way of skirting the legal line. Everyone from the law enforcement agencies to the political powers knows the true nature of the escort services. They know how these companies start and where do they end.

In countries where prostitution is legal, there is no problem for such escort agencies to flourish. The London escort agencies are such legalized networks. They also operate under the guise of massage and sauna parlors.

The services:

The services on offer depend on the requirement of the client. Usually, they offer the female to male and the male to female companionship. The other kinds of services such as the male to male and the female to female are rare. However, in countries where consensual sex between two members of the same sex is legal, there is no bar on such services by the escort agencies.

These services usually last for a few hours. There are two kinds of services, namely the outcall and the incall services. As the name suggests, the outcall services are at the client’s location whereas the incall services are at the escort’s location. In the case of the outcall services, it is the responsibility of the escort agency to ensure the safety of the escort. It is their responsibility to arrange for the transport facilities and so on. Naturally, the client has to pay for the same on a consolidated basis. The fee sharing percentage is usually in the ratio of 50:40:10 with the escort taking the lion’s share followed by the escort agency and the local broker.

You can find the springing up of many such Escort London facilities all over the city and its neighborhood. Nowadays, you find the transgender community very active in this activity as well. They offer their cheap London escorts services thereby eating into the revenue of the major escort agencies. However, these are business tactics. It is the rule that the fittest persons survive in this industry as well. Thus, having a well-organized escort service is always a beneficial option instead of operating on a stand-alone basis.

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