The Customer is the King. Learn better ways to satisfy him


This is a customer driven world in many ways. You would find the need to ensure customer satisfaction in practically every aspect of life. You cannot blame the customer for being so demanding as well. He has a choice. If you cannot satisfy him, someone else will. The customer is the winner all the way. One unsatisfied customer can spread the news like wildfire. It would be tough to make amends later on. Hence, the best way to succeed in this competitive world is to acquire certain special skills that can help you in satisfying the customers. You need not provide any service to satisfy your customer. You can do so by having a cheerful disposition. They teach these techniques in the lean six sigma courses.

What is lean six-sigma?

This is actually a combination of two ideas. The literal meaning of the word ‘lean’ is ‘less’. In this context, lean refers to the reduction in time taken to produce the services to the customer. The six-sigma is a collection of many techniques whereby you improve the quality of services to the customer to increase customer satisfaction.


This is a customer satisfaction related term. The six-sigma represents many techniques put together to increase the level of customer satisfaction. This six-sigma technique comprises of many levels. We shall discuss two levels here for a better understanding. They are the six sigma green belt and the six sigma black belt levels.

The green belt level

The six-sigma green belt people are employees of a company or an organization trained on the Six Sigma methodology. Here are some things you should know as a green belt.

The green belts should know how to solve complex problems by applying certain important techniques. They call it the DMAIC technique. The first step is Defining the problem. Unless you know what the problem is, you may not be able to solve it. The second step is to Measure the problem. You should know the extent of the problem to find a permanent solution to it. The third step is Analyzing the problem. It involves breaking down the problem into small parts. This would help you to find innovative ways to solve the bigger issues. The fourth step is to improve the methodology of solving the problems. The fifth and final step is to take control and solve the issue permanently.

The Six Sigma Green belt is an important e-learning course. You can learn this course online. Practicing the same in real situations is more important.

The Black belt level:

This is an advanced level. The Black belts are the masters of this technique. Just like in martial arts where the black belt is the ultimate, this technique too applies the same logic. The Black belts have to pass through many levels such as the green belt levels before becoming eligible to take the course. The Six Sigma Black belt is an expert problem solver and leader in all respects. He is an excellent multitasking employee as well.


On mastering these techniques, you would never say NO to a customer. However, if the situation demands that you have to say NO, you would ensure that the customer understands why you are saying so.

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