The Best iPhone Tricks and Tips to Use in Case of Emergency

With the advancement of technology today, there are a lot of devices that has made our day to day routine life easy compared to previous times. Such devices are also very helpful in cases of emergency as well. One such device which has many applications is the iPhone. Today, almost everybody loves the shiny products that Apple launches, especially the iPhone, which has become a status symbol and a style statement in the present generation. However, apart from the physical features and the good looks, iPhone has various tricks as well, especially in case of an emergency.

Most people today are just mesmerized by the features of iPhone and don’t even bother to learn more about the device. There are a lot of little known iPhone tricks and tips that can help you during an emergency or any such helpless situations. Many iPhone users are already familiar with the ICE or the In Case of Emergency feature which is recommended to all for storing your important contact information on your phone that can be used to contact your family members or friends during an emergency.

Enhancing this feature Apple now has iPhone Medical ID which is a medical alert iPhone app. MedicalID not only provides emergency contact information, but also informs medical personnel and first responders of your important health info such as allergies, pervious medical history or medical condition, etc. Other such useful tricks and tips in emergency cases include using your headphones to click images. All you need to do is use the volume up and down buttons on the headphones.

One of the best iPhone tricks that come handy in many ways is the use of Google Maps as a free GPS. When offline, just zoom in to a map area you want to access in Google Maps and type ok maps in the search box. Even when you are offline or don’t have data connectivity due to certain reasons this data will always be available. A lot of individuals find it helpful especially, while traveling abroad.

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