The Benefits of High Efficiency Detergents

High efficiency detergents are concentrated laundry detergents which are especially designed for use in high efficiency (HE) washers. These HE detergents were formulated to disperse quickly and create low sudsing, so that they can be used in low water volume machines. The front loading washers are designed to use less water and energy than top loading machines. However, these upgrades mean that the regular detergent will not dissolve as easily and can even leave soapy residue behind. The high efficiency detergents are more expensive than the regular detergent, but this is balanced by the fact that you will use less with each load.

The traditional laundry detergents create large amounts of suds making them incompatible for use in HE washers. The tumbling action in these new washing machines will cause the traditional detergents to create excessive suds which can overflow and damage the machine. In order to remedy this problem, you would have to use less detergent which would result in unclean clothes. As a solution, the high efficiency detergents were developed to resolve this problem.

Since high efficiency detergents make fewer suds, your clothes come out much cleaner with no soapy residues left behind. The new machines do not twist, turn, and beat the clothes to get them clean, so your clothing lasts longer and retains their shape better. The high efficiency detergents are also cost effective for the reason that you can use less of them to perform the same job for better results.

The high efficiency detergents were tested on 15 of the most common stains by more than a few laboratories including Good Housekeeping. The testers applied chocolate, blood, coffee, ink and more types of stains to both cotton and polyester fabrics. The stains were allowed to set for 24 hours before the clothes were washed. Each of the high efficiency detergents performed just as well as their regular laundry detergent counterparts even though a smaller amount of soap was used.

We can say that the high efficiency detergents have been specially designed to save use money an efforts while the clothes also get longer life. While the initial purchase is more expensive than regular laundry detergent, you use less of the product, less energy, and less water.

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