Go for best antique paintings made in India!

Tanjore_PaintingArts and crafts reflect the vibrant culture of India. Our traditions can be best explored when you go for the art forms of historic significance. There are art forms for decorative purpose. You can also go through the forms which are of utility. There are jewelry items worn by brides and bridegrooms during wedding and others important occasions in life. Craftsmen are highly skilled to bring life to a dull cloth or mute stone. The artistic impact on certain sections of the society is so powerful and the legacy is being continued from one generation to another generation.

For example, Thanjavur (pronounced as Tanjore by Britishers), a small town in Tamil Nadu has become the place of origin of Tanjore paintings. This art form has widely spread across the country. These paintings have very rich and vivid colors. There will be very expensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads. Semi-precious stones, gems and golf foils are used in the preparation of these paintings.

You can also explore ancient form of terracotta jewellery from online platform. Women wear various kinds of jewelry made up of precious materials as well as metals. The beauty of a woman is very much enhanced by the jewelry. There are first choice jewelry items made up of high quality metals, stones and other materials. Earthen clay is also used to prepare various shapes. By using various kinds of heat treatment methods, a robust and elegant piece will be prepared. The craftsmen perceive the outcome in their mind and elegant designs will be made. The quality and skill of craftsmen has increased over the years because of the inputs received from great emperors and ancient rulers.

The heritage is being continued by those generations involved in the creation of various art forms. You can go for warli paintings which are prepared by Adivasi who hail from North Sahyadri Range in India. Palghar, Mokhada, Vikramgadh, Jawhar, Talasari and Dahanu are some of the regions in this range. You can find these famous paintings adored at Sanskriti Kendra Museum in New Delhi. There are mural paintings done by them which are similar to those done in 2500 or 3000 BCE. You can find very basic graphic vocabulary in these extremely rudimentary wall paintings. You can find monosyllabic paintings. There will be circle and triangle which are found from the observation of nature. The circle represents the sun and moon. The triangle represents the mountains and trees. However, a different logic is applied to the square.

Madhubani paintings find pictures of god and goddesses which are very much prevalent in India. These paintings find its origin from the Mithila Region and from the times of the Ramayana. You can go through the various kinds of art forms presented in State museums across the country. If you are interested in purchasing these items, you can place an online order. Reputed company offers complete information about various kinds of products so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. If you go through the terms and conditions, there will not be any issues.

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