Tamilnadu GPF application form and its facts

Tamil nadu GPF Slips Annual Account Statements Pension status online. Register AGAE GPF versatile number. Tamil Nadu AGAE Accountants General webpage is online now at agae.tn.nic.in. To give the GPF explanations, Upload of DDO sales 2016 2017, 2015-2016 budgetary years to delegates agae set up site. The exchange of DDO sales, applying for alterations in pay GPF slips Tamil nadu must be done with in four months advance before date of super-annunciation.


In the first place visit the presentation page of AGAE Tamil Nadu. area to use for chase in online is agae.tn.nic.in To know Tamilnadu GPF rules status select the association named Want To Know Your GPF status? It appears in rightside of point of arrival. By then login to your GPF account using GPF number, Date of Birth (DOB), Suffix (Designation). Keep on login. By then find the GPF Account slips participate in dashboard. Select the year, time span and superannuation date. Click download GPF enunciation get.


Your late DDO requesting are appeared in the login page. Delegates who have marked in can know their GPF Opening/Closing equality, Credit or Debit details, Current Balance, Current year yearly GPF decree, Final Withdraw details, Missing Credit details et cetera we cover most of the above at the proper time. Select Know your Pension participate in greeting page. Then again visit agae.tn.gov.in/online pension. If you know your advantages Tamilnadu GPF application form number select the fundamental option.


If not the proceed forward by decision of “I don’t know application number”. Enter the Government Employee name. Introductory three letters of name is adequate. Select Department which delegate was working with. Know pick the date of Retirement of delegate. Select Login to enter your Pensioners account. The status of usage is shown when picked Status of the case in login page. The details of case, Status of case, Family Pensioners details, Nomination details et cetera are accessible once successfully marked in Taminadu GPF rate of interest.


Note: Only the delegates who are qualified to get benefits as prescribed by government can apply or check the status. You can see the demo of login into resigned individuals account at left side association open in Pensioner look for page.