Surf the Web Unrestrictedly with Middlesurf VPN

When you get online through normal means, your anonymity and the websites you can access will ultimately be determined by your Internet service provider or any local restrictions that might be in place. Your ISP, perhaps due to regional laws, is responsible for determining which websites and online services you can and cannot access. Additionally, some ISPs track usage information for the purposes of advertising, an issue that could potentially leave you open to a serious privacy breach. This is particularly likely to be the case when you connect to an unsecured wireless hotspot or any other situation where you have no idea who the ISP actually is. While public wireless access might be convenient, the security issues it presents can make it problematic. However, a VPN can address your concerns and let you get online freely.

Enjoy Anonymous Browsing with Middlesurf VPN

When you connect to the Internet directly through your ISP, websites will be able to tell your approximate location by your IP address alone. This unique identifier doesn’t provide any personal details, but it can be used to track your browsing habits and guess your rough location. Websites use this information to deliver targeted advertisements or automatically display localized content. For example, if you’re in Spain and you visit Google, Google will display the Spanish version of the website instead, because it can tell where you are by your IP address. However, when you use Middlesurf VPN to connect to the Internet, all location and other information conveyed by your IP address is masked. Instead, the IP address that websites will see will be the one of the remote VPN server.

Eliminate All Browsing Restrictions

Since Middlesurf VPN allows you to browse anonymously, it also allows you to appear to be browsing from a different country. This feature is particularly useful for expats and others travelling abroad who want to continue to be able to access all of the same websites and online services that they’re used to back home. Additionally, many countries and even individual ISPs block certain websites and other online services. For example, popular streaming services Netflix or Amazon Prime are unavailable in many countries. However, when you connect through a VPN, you’ll be able to circumvent these restrictions without any issues. The same applies to programs like Skype or Viber or any other applications that rely on the Internet to function.

Middlesurf VPN presents the perfect solution for those seeking a safer and freer connection to the Internet. It’s an exceptionally easy tool to use, and you can have it set up in a matter of minutes, since no special knowledge or experience is required. It works with a multitude of different platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS and Mac OSX, and it allows you to choose from multiple servers all over the world. Fast and responsive, it won’t slow down your connection and, in fact, it can even boost performance in some cases. Get started today transforming your digital life by pointing your browser to

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