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Sandman Toy’s Review

This year’s SDCC Exclusive The Raft Marvel Legends set is unique in that it includes not one, but two figures that would ordinarily be Build-A-Figures.

The first was the outstanding Abomination figure I reviewed earlier in the week, and the second in the Marvel Legends Sandman figure I’m reviewing today.

While the Sandman isn’t nearly as impressive as Abomination (in my opinion), I still think he’s a unique and underrated part of this box set.

When I reviewed the Marvel Legends Absorbing Man figure earlier this year (whose mold is reused for Sandman), I wasn’t pleased with the scale on Crusher Creel–I thought he was just plain too tall and out-of-scale.

Luckily, that’s not a problem with Sandman. Flint Marko (AKA William Baker) can manipulate his body to basically any size and shape, so him being a bit large while in sand form isn’t an issue–in fact, it just makes him look cooler while battling Spider-Man.Read more in Stuffed Toy’s Review .

In addition, the “pants and boots” molds are an ideal match for Sandman, and the fist on the left arm is also perfect. This mold works so well (for the most part), you’d think Hasbro made it with Sandman in mind (which they probably did)!