Steps for Identifying Your Weed Seeds

Do you know that your success as a cannabis cultivator depends very much on the seeds that you choose? When people venture into cannabis cultivation, they randomly choose their cannabis seeds and as a result, they end up running into issues pertaining to the yield, quality of the yield and flavour of the cannabis harvested. Here are few important steps for identifying the right type of cannabis seeds.

Outdoor or indoor

The first step in the cannabis seeds selection process is deciding what type of cultivation process you are going to use. It could be outdoor cultivation or indoor cultivation. You need to choose your seeds based on the choice of your cultivation. Decide which type of cultivation is suitable for you based on your specific situation. If you have plenty of outdoor space then outdoor cultivation is certainly an option for you. If you happen to live in a place without any outdoor space then set aside a corner within the four walls for your cannabis plants. Both cultivation options have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to be successful with your chosen method then choose the genetic strains that do well for your cultivation approach.

Which genetic strain

Today countless genetic strains are available to the marijuana cultivators. Each of one these genetic mutations has been developed or created with a specific advantage. It could be the flavour, resistance or resilience to infection or flowering time, etc. You need to do a bit of homework here before you could pick your genetic strain. Just ensure that you are not selecting your cannabis seeds randomly.

Regular vs feminized

If you are new to marijuana cultivation then it is worthwhile learning about different types of seeds and their growth pattern. One such factor that you need to learn here is that not all cannabis plants will flower. Given that it is the buds that are used for smoking, having plants that do not flower will be of no use to you. Only the female plants flower. If you have limited space then opting for feminized seeds will prove to be a good bet. You will not have to worry about germinating double the amount of seeds and weeding out the male plants. When you buy feminized seeds, all the seeds that germinate will flower. You will get 100% yield and you can also choose to grow just as many seeds as you like. This will enable to get you higher yield in the given space.

Regular vs auto flowering

Just as the feminized seeds have certain types advantages over the regular seeds, auto flowering seeds also have their own advantages. When you buy regular seeds the flowering of the plants will depend on the environmental conditions. Only when the perfect condition prevails the plants will flower. With auto flowering seeds there are no such challenges. The plants will flower automatically when they reach maturity. With most auto flowering genetic strains, the total time from germination to flowering is 10 weeks.

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