Start Your Own Online Radio Station with SAM Broadcaster Cloud

If you have ever wanted to run your own online radio station, SAM Broadcaster Cloud provides everything you need in one convenient package. Since this version is an entirely cloud-based service, you don’t need to install any additional software on your computer. Best of all, it’s always online, so you can continue broadcasting 24 hours per day by leaving the service to do its job. A versatile and user-friendly solution designed for both amateurs and professionals alike, SAM Broadcaster Cloud is accessible from any browser, so you can even configure your playlists from your mobile device while you’re on the move. Also included in this package is the free SAM Live-DJ live-streaming software for Windows. The learning curve is minimal as well, making it an ideal solution for those who have never operated their own online radio station.

Support for Multiple Formats

For maximum versatility and a consistently high-quality user experience, SAM Broadcaster Cloud supports multiple streaming formats including SHOUTcast 1 and 2, Icecast 2 and Live365. With the included Live DJ software, you’ll also be able to add and manage multiple users, allowing you to have as many different DJs as you want operating your online radio station. Streaming is included along with listener stats and reporting, affording you an extensive range of insights into your audience. You can also integrate your radio stations in your own website using the user-friendly widgets and players and the code provided for them. Publishing your own radio station is a quick and straightforward process as well, since all you need to do is copy and paste the code into the webpage you want the radio station to appear on.

Multiple Packages Available

Whether you’re a first time broadcaster or an experienced professional, SAM Broadcaster Cloud is available in multiple versions. The Bronze package, priced at $165 per year, allows you to have one station, and it provides 10 GB of online storage space for your music collection. Since this is a cloud-based solution, the radio broadcaster only uses the music stored in your account, so there’s no need to keep your computer running in order to continue broadcasting. With the Bronze version, you’ll also be able to have up to 40 listeners at the same time accessing streams of up to 128kbps in quality. The Silver and Gold versions provide even more options, with the Gold version allowing you to run 3 stations, have 15 DJs, 50 GB of online storage and up to 120 simultaneous listeners. For an additional one-time payment of $99, you’ll also be able to buy SAM PRO for Windows with all packages.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to operate their own radio station online, since it allows you to go from zero to pro in a matter of minutes. Setting up your radio station is a quick, simple and intuitive process, and you’ll be on the air in no time. You don’t need to worry about downloading any codecs or additional software, since everything is provided for you to get started immediately. Find out more at .

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