Source 45 Degree Helix End Mills and Carbide Drills from a Renowned Online Supplier

The rapid advancements in the field of technology has blessed various industries with high precision tools and machineries which have greatly simplified the overall processing of products and designing of high-end industrial grade equipment at manufacturing units. Some of these high-end tools used in various industrial facilities are end mills. The end mills are used in the milling process which is aimed at finely removing scraps of metal from a work piece or other component which is being manufactured. As the tools like 45 degree helix end mills, burs, taps and reamers used in the manufacturing and processing units are under tremendous wear and tear of working in extreme conditions, they need to be strong and robust to withstand these conditions well.

These tools need to be carefully manufactured and designed as the quality of the end product manufactured by them depends solely on their workability and quality of work. You can easily buy these essential tools and components from your nearby suppliers, but there are only a few companies like Atlas Cutting Tools who offer these high precision tools and supply them through their web based platform. All of the tools that they sell are manufactured in the US from high-end CNC machines that provide quality assurance and robustness of these milling and drilling tools. The company offers various tools like 3 flute end mills for aluminium, sub micro-grain carbide end mills, chamfer mills, burs, carbide drills, HSS drills, drill drifts, reamers and countersinks.

The company specializes in carbide tools that ensure maximum performance guarantee for certain industrial operations. They offer carbide end mills that are made from sub micro-grain carbide materials and are available in regular as well long lengths, variable pitch and variable index, with and without radius and in 4 flute & 5 flute variants, that are sufficient to meet every industrial requirement. The end mills that they supply are either coated with ALCRO-MAX or ALTiN coatings to ensure its longevity and strength.

Apart from carbide manufactured tools, they also sell end mills, reamers and taps made from cobalt, HSS (High Speed Steel) and high vanadium metals available in different size pitch and diameters.

About Atlas Cutting Tools:

Atlas Cutting Tools is a leading online supplier of US manufactured high precision tools like 5 flute high performance end mills, taps, reamers, wrenches as well as dies & accessories. For further details, visit