Singing Lessons NYC: Discover Your Path to Becoming a True Artist

Singing is an incredible art form and learning how to sing can be a great joy in your life. For many individuals, singing is a beautiful hobby that they wish to add into their lives and for others who are pursuing this professionally, singing is the focal point of their careers. No matter if you are learning how to sing as a hobby or want a professional singing career; it can greatly enhance the quality of your life. I believe in setting achievable goals when working through this process and by developing your musical skills you can help your voice reach its full potential. When learning a new skill, it is important to have the right instruction in order to be guided through this process and not become overwhelmed by its many beautiful facets. Professional assistance with any new art form is essential to the process. A professional music teacher offers you lessons that are customized for your specific goals.

One must treat the human voice as one would a beloved musical instrument which always needs proper care in order to nurture your art form. By taking professional music lessons you will learn how to take proper care of your voice so that it remains healthy throughout your many endeavors as an artist. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a professional singer or just want to do it as a leisure pursuit, taking professional voice lessons in NYC can be a very worthy investment. Many students are pleasantly surprised when they take voice lessons and see all that one’s voice can do given awareness and understanding! If you seek professional singing guidance at any level, you must contact Marissa Katz. She is a proficient singer who can make you learn how to beautify your singing skills and explore your singing abilities.

Marissa Katz is a renowned vocal coach NYC with over 15 years of experience and she has dedicated herself to teaching voice lessons in New York City. She has tremendous expertise in the art of singing and graduated in vocal performance from Boston University’s School of Music and has also attained a certificate from the Sound and Music Healing Institute at the New York Open Center. Marissa Katz encourages her students to refine their singing skills and brings out the best vocal potential in all of her students. She is friendly and very patient with her students as she helps them to sing effortlessly, develops their presence, bolsters their stage confidence and helps individuals work through performance anxiety. She will make you aware of important singing concepts related to proper vocalization, breathing, overcoming stage fright, song selection and dramatic exercises that will make you feel more connected to your songs.

About Marissa Katz

Marissa Katz is a talented performer. She offers singing lessons NYC to beginners as well as more advanced skillful singers. Marissa Katz offers flexible voice lessons on weekdays at her studio. She has been performing since the age of 14 and loves to work with aspiring singers of all ages. For more information, visit