Significance of Termite Inspection Frankston

Termite inspection Frankston

One of the costliest and the time-consuming issue which we face being a homeowner is that of pests. A lot of money is spent on treatments and termite inspection in Frankston.

Even though there are ways of treating these pesky little creatures, the homeowners can easily prevent them.

What you need to look for and where would you find it

A termite inspection Frankston serves a lot of purposes. Regular checks can help you in preventing future infestation; determine severity and size of the present infestation and also in locating what it exactly it is for your house in Melbourne.

The very first step of this procedure is to find the signs of these creatures in the property. The tubes of these pests are the common signs of the present infestation. Even though there are several other signs also which might be present on the basis of the time for which the creatures have been destroying things.

Only because the pests are subterranean pecks, it does not mean that there would not be any sign of them on the ground. It’s important to undertake a complete check of your property, outdoors as well as indoors while looking for these small creatures.

Termite inspection Frankston


The very first place which the home owner needs to inspect is exterior of the house. The very first signs of pecks typically show outside and the exteriors of the house often tend to be easy to check.

The periphery of the house needs to be thoroughly checked. You need to ensure that you check the stem walls as well as the foundation for all signs of the tubes. It’s also quite significant to eradicate all the dead brushes from the periphery of the house as this may be the best place for the pecks to construct their colonies.


Searching the interiors of the house for pecks can be quite time-consuming. All the signs of pecks in the house might be quite difficult to locate for different reasons. Your pest/termite inspection needs to include each and every room of the house in Melbourne, ensuring that you inspect the under beds, in the cabinets, behind the curtains and even behind the appliances.

The pest tubes such as the exterior of the house may be present on the dry wall or even on the floor-boards throughout the house.

You need to look for the imperfections in the drywall and wood of every room. The easiest and the quickest way of identifying such imperfections is shining flashlight on the wall for identifying any kind of indentations or the areas which might be raised.

Crawl spaces

Obviously for the properties which have concrete slabs, the crawl spaces would not be there. But it is important that any kind of tight place in the house is checked well. You will need a flash light as well as long tool, a long screwdriver and a crowbar. You may even want to wear long pants and full sleeves shirt for keeping the dirt away.

Just like the inspection of the exterior or the interior of the house, you may look for the pest tubes running from ground up sides of the pillars and foundations under the house.