Sabarimala seva tickets online booking

Sabarimala Ayyappa asylum poojas and Special Abhishekam tickets are open to book online. For use of piligrims and ayyappan swamy lovers Travancore devashom board started online booking.


Before booking in Sabarimala Abhishekam online booking one must consider Sabarimala Temple Festival date-book. Not in the slightest degree like each genuine asylum in India Sabarimala Ayyappa Devasthanam opens discontinuously. Just once every month Poojas are performed, Other times asylum premises stays detached. Starting late Number of Russians who charmed Hindu Dharma take promise of Ayyappa Deeksha and paid worship to swamy.


All around mates don’t consider Ayyappa swamy asylum In sabarimala adobe poojas. In light of uncommon opening of asylum pooja and other abhishekam tickets are not taken by piligrims. AstotharaArchana (108 names are praised about ruler and offered blessing to mates) cost: 20 Ghee Sabarimala abhishekam ticket booking or Neyyabhisekham (Observed round the day in the wake of morning poojas to After twelve 3:00PM) 75/ – for 2l and 50/ – for 1litre.


Bhagavathy Seva Special pooja done in asylum premises for each person with Khalasam. Incurred significant damage 1000/ – Navagraha Pooja : Done back of haven where navagrahas are there. inflicted significant damage 100/ – Neerajanam for 75/ – Ottagraha pooja for extraordinary needs and thrashing obstructions in job. inflicted significant damage 20/ – nagaraja Pooja (Snake dosha Sarpa Dosha Shanti pooja) 25/ – . Pushpabhishekam: Done once consistently when haven opens. It involves Special Flower archana, beautification offering to ace. The best and costliest seva done on Sabarimala Temple. incurred significant injury for each couple is 8000/ – .


Swayamvara archana finished for marriage issues 25/ – . You should watch that Accommodation and Online pooja booking is considered Registered customers in webstie. How to book sabarimala Ayyappa haven Poojas, Sevas, Abhishekam, Prasadam in Online? In earlier article we gave quick and dirty steps to enroll in sabarimala asylum site. If you have account id and mystery key for access then first login to book.


Select Pooja join. In a matter of seconds summary of available poojas are showed up in a table with cost. In any case select View details to see pictures for reference. Select Book Now association with proceed with booking. Enter pioneer or Devotee details on which name Sabarimala Pushpabhishekam should be performed. Enter Identification details. Pay using any of versatile portion entryway choices.


Finish up seva space by taking printed duplicate of receipt. Prasadam moreover can be saved to less the time spend in line. This was new option and has two sorts of packs. Of all shapes and sizes. Select any of thing and number of packs. The pay indicate get Prasadam token. Give the tokens at prasadam counters and have holy prasad without loss of time.