Reliable Criminal Defense Investigation Services

Professional investigation and security services are of great importance, especially for issues related to the corporate world. These days when crime seem to be on its peak across the globe, it is very important for individuals and businesses to consult such private agencies, who are always dedicated to offer their standard services, which are no way behind, when compared with that of the government agencies and police department. These defense investigative agencies make sure that no innocent person is convicted for the wrong reasons. Moreover, these professional services are the perfect choice for companies or businesses facing any criminal or forgery issues.

Companies can hire such services that provide ops (operaciones encubiertas), a service that enables them to identify any kind of internal crime within their organization. It is also a suitable measure to be aware about any activity such as drugs, theft, forgery or other illegal activities in their businesses. These agencies are qualified and experienced enough to carry out various covert operations and surveillances within any company or business so as to protect them from any potential threat that may arise.

The security services of these investigative agencies provide their clients with an extensive security in the form of their standard electronic counter countermeasures. These state-of-the-art devices help people detecting wiretaps and uncovering any hidden equipment such as transmitter. They cover the entire designated area for identifying any kind of invasion or presence of any ongoing eavesdropping systems. Their ECM tests and examinations include technical analysis of all the instruments and equipment. Besides all, they also carry out full scale physical inspections to identify the presence of any threat. Such service helps clients and businesses to secure their working territories and help them work with full peace of mind.

Moreover, such trained security agencies offer other numerous services such as litigation support, due diligence investigations, background investigations, international support, security engineering and surveys, and executive protection etc. Through all such services they cover the various personal and economic security risks that corporations face on the international platform. Ashenoff & Associates is one such amazing agency that is rendering such security and defense investigation services.

About Ashenoff & Associates

Ashenoff & Associates are a professional investigative and security consulting company that even offers Florida surety bonds to their clients. They have a great experience of over 30 years, serving corporate businesses and other individuals against any threat or crime. For more information, visit