Relaxing Singing Bowls Massage in Abu Dhabi

Singing bowls massage in Abu Dhabi utilizes the concept of sound therapy in massage to provide relaxation to the mind and cure stress and anxiety.

Relaxing Your Mind With Sound Massage

Research has proven that massage when combined with music can yield extremely positive results. The combination can impact the brain in a positive way and have a soothing and calming effect on it. One popular therapy is the one which combines singing bowls with sound massage. The combination provides a number of advantages in relaxing the mind. The combination and other effective massage therapies can be availed at Lina Massage Parlour where expert therapists ensure to provide the best massage experience.

The massage therapy uses sound massage as a technique to provide relaxation to the brain. Sound has the capability of producing body harmony that stimulates and relaxes the mind. In this therapy, the therapists may use Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls to produce sound. The technique has been in use since thousands of years. Many cultures rely on the therapy for providing relaxation to the mind. The therapy aids in creation of psychological and physical changes in the body.

The therapy

The therapy involves placing the sound or singing bowl near the body. A felt mallet may be used for tapping the bowl. The tapping may result in various kinds of sounds and vibrations that provide a sense of calm and peace. It hence promotes the well being of the body and effectively provides relief from stress and related issues. The therapy is popular Body to Body Massage in abu dhabi and lot of people opt for this unique massage session.

Sound massage can help in improving mental clarity, can improve emotional stability, relieve muscle tension and significantly increase physical energy. The immediate effects of the therapy include enhanced creativity, increased energy and improved sleeping patterns. The therapy is also proven to be effective in issues like stress, depression, anxiety and hypertension.


Many people opt for it to get relief from pain related to childbirth, back pain and arthritis pain. The sound massage therapy has also found use in yoga and meditation therapies. The effectiveness of the treatment can be attributed to the sound vibrations produced. You can book an  abu dhabi massage session to relax your mind.