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Data Migration

Data Migration is a process where the available data is transferred from one storage type to another, one format to another or even one computer system to another. The migration is achieved by programmatically transferring the data. Such automated migration technique avoids the involvement of large human resources from tedious tasks of migrating huge amount of data between different systems. Typically, data migration is required when users upgrade their systems or shift to an entirely new system altogether. It is also necessary for an organization to migrate their data for website consolidation, when they opt to conduct server maintenance or for data center relocation. There are various factors that need to be considered while planning for data migration. How long the migration will take, what would be the downtime required for the process, data corruption, data lost and other technical issues that may arise during the process, are some of those concerned areas.

Database Migration

Database Migration, a type of Data Migration, is a process required to move from one database to another. Database is basically an organized collection of related data. Software is required to analyze and capture this data. Such computer software iscalled as Database Management System (DBMS). MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are some of the well-known DBMSs. These are designed to provide access to the data. Data definition, update, retrieval, and administration are the four main functional groups of a DBMS. There are dedicated computer systems, called database servers, which run the DBMS and other related software.

Database Migration Software

When organizations switch their data from one DBMS to another, Database Migration software are required. As the organizations feel the need to migrate their databases, they look for some trusted services, which provide some of the best software to migrate their database, without losing significant data.There are many such available services that provide reliable programs for Database Migration. Such services provide programs to migrate Access to MySQL. Such programs support all the versions of the underlying databases.Intelligent Converters is one such support service, providing MS SQL to MySQL migration service, including many such others, to their clients.

About Intelligent Converters:

Intelligent Converters, founded in 2001, is a specialized and qualified company, offering standard data conversion and migration techniques to its clients. They offer quality software to cater to various requirements of different businesses across the world. For more information and support, visit convert-in.com.