Protect Your Skin from Harmful Radiations with Best Body Treatments

Your skin is always getting exposed to pollution, harmful dust particles, ultraviolet and other rays of the sun thus leading to the development of harmful acnes, dark spots, wrinkles, black heads and pigmentation of the skin. You can protect your skin from these harmful developments, by undergoing best body treatments and enhancing and rejuvenating your skin to make it look spotless and youthful.


Facial is one of the best non-surgical treatments out there and you can get these best spa facial treatments at any beauty salons or spa places. They are not only relaxing and rejuvenates you but is also extremely beneficial for your skin. There are quite a number of different types of facial treatments which are available and these treatments makes use of different techniques and facial kits based on the type of your skin, the end result you are desiring for and also how matured your skin is.


The two types of facial techniques out there


Facial treatments are broadly divided into two categories- hands on and electrotherapy. As the name suggests, the hands on treatment makes use of special hand movements and massage movements thus removing the layer of dead skin on your face as well as stimulating the generation of new skin cells with the removal of black heads and also reduces fine lines on your skin.


In case of electrotherapy, electronic hand-held movements are used instead of real movement of the hand.


Both types of facial technique have specific benefits.


In the hands on facial treatment, your beautician unleashes the magic of her hands and uses techniques to massage your face. Here there is no use of electronic devices other than a steam machine. The facial kits which are used in this facial spa comprises of only oil or cream base. Different moisturizing creams and essential oils are used based on the type of your skin, the treatment your skin is undergoing and the maturity level your skin has reached.


The electrotherapy as per the name is more of a machine based. They are of three types classified on the type of your skin. You have the high frequency treatments which makes use of gauze and glass electrodes. Other types include galvanic treatments and micro current treatments.