Protect Your Home from Intruders and Keep Your Family Safe

Is your home really safe once you leave for work? Your home is considered a place where you should feel safe. Your home is the only place where you have control over who can enter in your house. Protecting home should be one’s highest priority. With burglary increasing at an alarming rate one should take positive steps to guard his home. Most of the burglaries occur during the day time when people are away from house for school or work. It has seen that intruders often enter through the rear door or from window.

The first step which one can take is to harden the front door security. One can use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on the exterior doors to resist lock bumping, lock picking and twisting attempts. Today, there are a number of high security cylinder and mortice locks available which are made with the excellent quality materials and are proven to provide maximum security. Sliding glass doors are secured by latches not by locks. Hence, they are more susceptible to being forced open from the outside. These can be protected by using some blocking devices like Charley bars and other track blockers. One should keep the door rollers in good condition and properly adjusted to prevent lifting. One can also use anti-lifting pins.

Normally people left windows unlocked or open. This can also be a reason of theft in your house. Window restrictors and sash jammers can be employed to enhance security of windows. Apart from securing only door and windows one can also use new generation electronic alarming systems. Although electronic alarming systems are quite expensive but are great sources of security. There are many advanced alarming systems available like fire alarms, motion sensors, glass break detectors etc. Of course, no home security system is the universal solution to crime but it helps preventing break-ins and somehow increases your safety. If you are looking for some best security products company then you can visit


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