Proof: Providing Unique Wooden Sunglasses Worldwide

Fashion trends change every day, but certain accessories are timeless! Sunglasses are one of them. In today’s modern age, Sunglasses have become more of a fashion statement and thus, eyewear designers are increasingly focusing on the making sunglasses in new styles, jeweled designs and bright hues. Moreover, different designs of eyewear are preferred for different occasions such as casual wear, office wear, beach wear and party wear. Originally invented to reduce the distracting glare of the sun and allow comfortable viewing experience in bright light, sunglasses have become more than just protective gear; teens and adults have caught on to the fashion of wearing trendy and colored shades. Hipster sunglasses are a common trend these days, amongst youngsters and adults. A company that sells premium quality shades is Proof.

Renowned for their contribution to the environment, Proof is also famous for the use of eco-friendly materials in their products, notably their wood sunglasses. Their wood sunglasses are known for their natural beauty and sustainable roots. These are hand-made from the finest woods obtainable, including ebony, lacewood, zebra wood, mahogany, stained bamboo and walnut bamboo. Proof offers a unique collection of shades that is completely eco-friendly and comes with a polished frame, spring loaded hinges, coated with a protective layer for preventing water and sweat. These are durable and are surely going to make you look your best!

Each of the frames used in making Proof Eyewear products is made from the ground up and are handcrafted by skilled artists. Other than wooden sunglasses, they have a wide variety of product lines, including aluminum sunglasses collection, a collection dedicated and designed specifically for skating enthusiasts, the eco collection which is made from fiber, taken out of high quality cotton; all designed to provide maximum face coverage and add style to your overall look. Proof also offers frames for prescription glasses using specialized technology for putting in different lenses easily. Other than eyewear, they also sell other accessories like wooden wallets, phone cases, lighters, multi-purpose pocket knives, casual clothing and headwear like caps and hats.

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