Pin ED Complication Easily With Silagra

300_silagra_cipla_100mgED complications normally affect a man’s life largely. Silagra is a generic medication that helps in correcting such sexual problem. This anti-ED pill is quite easily available when shopped online. Let us get a clearer idea on its working, dosage, and side effects over here.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) are constantly on a search to find out an effective treatment that work wonders on this sexual disorder. So here is an absolute solution that can help, Silagra.

What is Silagra?

It is a generic medication, which consists Sildenafil Citrate as its main ingredient. This drug belongs to a PDE5 blocker group. It is a generic version of the branded medicine Viagra. This medicinal drug functions on the same principle as the branded counterpart.

This generic medicine is said to be best treatment on ED problem, as it works on the main reason behind this sexual cause. Along with it, buying Silagra 100 mg online is quite affordable to pockets.

What is erectile dysfunction?

ED is a sexual disorder that is related to the male reproductive organ. It makes it difficult for the male organ to achieve or maintain penile hardness for the entire sexual act. The reason behind this sexual problem is said to be the deficient and poor supply of blood to male reproductive region.

For proper erection, it is necessary that blood reaches the erectile tissues and fills it completely. These tissues afterwards initiate the erection process. However, sluggish flow of blood makes this situation difficult and hence the outcome is feeble erection. When this situation persist for consecutive many number of times, then there is a wide possibility of a person suffering from the erectile dysfunction disorder.

How will Silagra play its role in such situation?

As said earlier, this medicine is basically a PDE5 blocker drug; therefore this medicinal drug starts its work of blocking PDE5 enzyme as soon as it enters in the bloodstream. Suppression of this natural element elevates the level of cGMP and nitric oxide in the body. These two chemical compounds play their role in increasing the blood flow throughout the body by dilating blood vessels and relaxing muscles. This way blood supply gets better in the erectile shaft, which in turn helps in rigid erection.

How to utilize Silagra?

• Firstly, you need to seek doctor’s advice on usage of this prescription drug. Discuss with the doctor about all your medical history before starting this medicine.

• Take the recommended dosage with water at least an hour before getting into sexual activity.

• Never alter the dosage on your own; this may lead to overdose harmful effects.

• Consuming this medication on empty stomach enhances its effect further.

• Avoid alcohol and fat-rich diet while taking this treatment. They hinder the absorption process of the pill.

• It is mandatory to maintain 24 hours between two doses of this medicine.

• Do not use this medication, if you are involved in treatments that include nitrates or alpha-blockers. These drugs together can be fatal on your health.

• Those allergic to Sildenafil citrate should avoid taking this generic pill.

What are the Side Effects involved?

This medicine is very largely used worldwide because of the minimum involvement of side effects from this treatment. However, the common aftereffects include—

• Drowsiness

• Blur vision

• Headache

• Nausea

• Nasal congestion

• Skin rashes

• Stomach upset

All these side effects, if occurred, are temporary, which would fade away with time. However, if you find them worsening, then immediately get in touch with a doctor. Similarly, if you come across any allergic reactions after taking this medicine, then immediately visit a health advisor.

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