New Homes for Sale in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem is a small metropolitan region with just over 235,000 residents living and working in the area. It is a vibrant community bursting with economic opportunity, attractions, and a character all its own. This unique city formed when in 1913 when two neighboring towns, Winston, and Salem merged, forming a larger community.

Attractions in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is loaded with fascinating museums covering art, history, and science. There are many recreational activities for the whole family and also those for adults, as well as those for children of any age. There are many sightseeing tours- a great way to get to know the area- with rental segway stand-up scooters for ease of travel. There is a very active sports community with football, baseball and many other sports to spectat or to become involved with.

A Thriving Economy

The cost of living in Winston-Salem is 6.3% lower than the national average. The city is ranked 20th in the US for best places for business and careers. The city has a positive job growth, a 25% college attainment rate, and has a median average household earning above the national average.

New Homes for Sale in Winston-Salem, NC

There are many new and recently renovated homes waiting for the right family to invest. The average cost of a home is around $135,000, with prices as low as $75,000 in some areas.

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