Mystery Behind The Epilogue Of A Novel

Epilogue is a writing piece written at the end of a literally work in order to close the work. It is a presentation of perspective of within the story. You can also call it afterwords as the author speaks indirectly to the reader. Opposite of epilogue is prologue. Prologue is written at the beginning of the story. Prologue is to get start off with the story and build interest in reader’s mind.


Writing a novel is a hard nut to crack. There is so much beyond writing a good story with light flow and great vocabulary and grammar sense. When one steps in this field of writing, he realise how much more is there other than the story to make a book successful one. This article will give a better insight of what are an epilogue and some ways to use it in your next book.


  1. Get to know the word better- Purpose of an epilogue vary with the text to which it’s added. Traditionally, an epilogue is added to encapsulate an idea or a thought that is related to the story or an argument. Logue in epilogue comes from a Greek word called logos. Logos is used for adding a final judgement or conclusion to any story or argument.


  1. Do not get confused- There are few words which are commonly confused as epilogue. Few of these words are codicil, appendix, addendum or a supplement. These are very different from an epilogue. A codicil is a document that can be attached after writing but does not necessarily be in continuation of the story. An appendix, on the other hand is a long description added to add information about the story. When an addition that had been omitted in error is annexed, it is called as an addendum. Any additional information that is adjoined later because it was unavailable when the text was originally written is termed as a supplement.


  1. Go out of league- Sometimes, writers use an epilogue to show a glimpse of characters after the story ends though this is not the traditional use of epilogue. For instance, in a novel of romance that ends with the couple being together, epilogue might be use to tell that they got married and lived happily ever after. Another use of epilogue can be creating buzz about the next part of the novel. It can be use to give a hint what will be the plot of next volume of the novel.


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