My Bikini Belly

Lose weight depending on your body type

Accept your body gave the nature with its pros and cons. Because, however, this is the theory, Vita, with the help of specialists, spent in practice, «fakelwnontas» all body types, to discover what is yours. Still, you will find a fitness program that corresponds to each type, for body and sculpted with personality, dietary behaviour advice depending on your needs, but also stylistic secrets that will highlight each woman.

No woman is pleased with her appearance. Some jealous curves Jennifer Lopez, others would like to acquire the bodice of Monica Bellucci or proportions of Giselle. Each era advocates its own model. Formerly, beautiful voluptuous women was seen as the. The torch shortly before World War II takes the one-piece boyish body, while after the end of the model returns kalozwismenis woman. Shortly thereafter, the desired female model is identified again with the impossible body. The wheel turns once again, with today’s catwalks to packed juicy models who deify the curves.


Accept it, well. The word “ideal” does not exist! On the other hand, every woman has a body type with specific characteristics, determined mainly by genes. But there are other factors, such as diet and exercise, can help create harmonious proportions. Scientists, trainers, nutritionists and stylists are joining forces to propose effective ways to feel more comfortable with your body.
A fitness program just for you, nutritional secrets and stylistic tips especially for you.

All you have to do is discover your body type and to take advantage of your physical talents, acquiring your own “ideal” body in my bikini belly review .

What type are you?

The “Apple” and “pear”-scientifically-substantiated conditions constitute the two basic body types, while the “Hourglass” and “tube” is two intermediate apples. Recognize your own features and discover your type.

The “Apple”

* The trunk is rounded, with the result that you look bulky. * Armrests are usually floppy. * Fat accumulates in the abdomen and stomach. * The buttocks are small and flat. * The legs are weak and walking minutes. Possible point you walk.

The “pear”

Typical shape of Mediterranean women. * Hands are long and thin, but agymnasta. * The sternum is narrow and slender torso. * The buttocks is broader than the shoulders. * Excess fat tends to accumulate on the thighs, buttocks and buttocks. * The calves are usually subtle. Possible point you shoulders and back.

The “Hourglass”

* The shoulders have corresponding width with the hips. * The back is usually impossible. * The average is particularly fine, creating the characteristic shape of an hourglass. * The rear is accented. * The calves seem gymnasmenes. Your average point possible.

The “Tube”

* The trunk looks like one and the average don’t stand out. * The breast is small. * The arms and legs are thin and long, but not athletic. * The buttocks are small and levels. Possible point you thin edges.