Most Popular Halloween costumes for Women this 2016

Halloween is fast approaching and everybody is looking for the best Halloween costumes they could use during the spooky night. Many have turned to find their Halloween costume online in order to have more choices.

These are some of the many characters that rose to fame this year and these are fairly easy for women to portray:

1. Harley Quinn

Everyone is crushing on Margot Robbie’s impressive performance of portraying Joker’s love interest in Suicide Squad shown in theaters this year. Quinn’s costume in this movie was different from that of the comics. Instead of the usual jester suit, Quinn was simply wearing a shirt on the upper body while wearing a short skirt on the lower body. Like the Joker, she wears a lot of makeup on her face to augment her crazy nature. Playing Harley Quinn this Halloween is relatively easier and cheap. It may sound even more convincing for women to pair themselves with a man playing the Joker and release all the craziness with their Halloween costumes.

2. Scarlett Witch

Scarlett Witch’s character has gained popularity recently due to increased exposure in the Marvel Studios movie franchise. The way she is dressed up in the movie is relatively easy to copy for fans of this character. Though the costume deviates from every movie she is in, her outfit is ideally a comfortable color red inner wear on her upper body paired with colored black tights on the lower body. At the same time, she dons a red colored tailored coat. Women may also copy her hair features with a wig as part of their Halloween costume accessories.

3. Black Widow

Like Margot Robbie, many are crushing over Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the iconic assassin. Although her costume changes from every Marvel movie she’s in, her battle gear is ideally similar to that of full body tights, albeit thicker, with the addition of combat Halloween costume accessories. She has no fixed hairstyle as it varies from movie to movie ranging from curly hair with a shade of blood red to straight hair with a shade of gold.

4. Wonder Woman

She was the most highly anticipated character to appear in the big screen this year. Although her costume appearance has changed through the years, the format didn’t seem to vary much. Her upper body armor carries the shade of red and engraved along with it is the iconic superheroine’s logo. Her lower body armor (although mostly short skirt) carries the shade of blue. Don’t forget to carry her weapons, a rope and a sword.

5. Hillary Clinton

Though not a fictional character, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is now in the global spotlight as she races against the highly controversial Donald Trump for the highest office of the United States. So how does one look like Hillary Clinton? Simple. Hillary frequently dons a pantsuit type of apparel. In order to completely portray Hillary, another distinct feature is critical. Her hairstyle. Hers is short yet neatly arranged. Most importantly, if you’re to portray Hillary, notice how she confidently projects herself in public.

There is practically no restriction on who you want to portray with your Halloween costumes considering it is very easy to find a Halloween costume online. There are still a lot of famous women out there who continue to serve as an inspiration, whether real or fictional. The important thing is that the wearer knows who she is portraying and she is comfortable with it. Lastly, remember to have fun and make it memorable while it lasts.

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