Migrate Oracle to MySQL Database with the Best Converter Tool

Data is one of the most important assets in any organization or business that allows it to operate and compete in the market. Thus, there is a need for keeping the data safe in a well-organized manner in order to access it whenever required. Modern companies use databases for this purpose. In order to manage and maintain big volumes of data they use dedicated software products known as database management system (DBMS). Along with maintaining data, a database management system also helps in updating data for the organization.

There are various DBMS handling data in safe and flexible manner to access it at any time. The most popular of such databases are Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, etc. However, with the advancement in technology new outstanding features are introduced in certain database management systems to make it even more powerful and reliable for the wise range of organizations. Nowadays, many businesses and organizations are switching from SQL server to MySQL to take benefits of this DMBS such as compatibility with all operating systems, high scalability and flexibility, open source, low cost of ownership and others.

In order to help migrate Oracle to MySQL some software companies such as Intelligent Converters have developed dedicated program. Oracle-to-MySQL tool by Intelligent Converters makes the migration process easy yet powerful enough to handle any volume of corporate databases. It converts all data, indexes, constraints and views without any loss of information. Oracle-to-MySQL connects to source and destination databases without using ODBC or any other middleware software to guaranty the best performance. The converter supports command line in order to allow users automate conversion. It can filter data to convert using SELECT-queries, has option to customize resulting table structure and allows to synchronize existing MySQL database with Oracle data.

About Intelligent Converters

Entering the software market in 2001, Intelligent Convertors is one of the leading companies that have been working on development of data migration, conversion and synchronization software for many years. The company offers wide range of software products to migrate databases between popular DBMS that includes MS SQL to MySQL, Access to MySQL, MS SQL to PostgreSQL, Oracle to MySQL, MySQL to PostgreSQL converters and more. Intelligent Converters have a huge list of satisfied customers ranged from small businesses and individuals to world’s largest corporations such as Acer, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Mc’Donalds, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Xerox and others. For further information, visit convert-in.com.