Math Software for Engineers

Mathematical calculations are at the heart of any engineering project, and those who rely on them need to have the right software at their disposal in order to save time and ensure accuracy. PTC Mathcad Express gives you all of the advanced tools you need to carry out, analyse, document and share your calculations with ease. It also minimizes the risk of human error harming your projects by converting units automatically and much more. You can analyse your results using interactive 2D and 3D plots and document your projects using standard notations and advanced formatting. PTC Mathcad Express also allows you to present calculations alongside plots, text, images and graphs in a single document to help simplify compatibility and collaboration. Additionally, PTC Mathcad worksheets may be integrated directly into PTC Creo models.

How Does PTC Mathcad Express Work?

PTC Mathcad Express is the free version of Mathcad Prime, although it includes all of the same features and full functionality of the latter for a period of 30 days. However, after this period has ended, you can continue using the software in limited-functionality mode for as long as you wish, since the license will never expire. However, there are some important differences beyond functionality alone. Designed with ease of use in mind, PTC Mathcad Express provides extensive documentation and in-product messages to provide further information on specific features, tips and tricks, training information and easy ways for you to purchase the full commercial product. Additionally, the Express version will start displaying watermarks and headers on your worksheets. However, if you decide you want to upgrade in order to unleash the full potential of PTC Mathcad Prime, you’ll be able to do so quickly and easily.

Capture and Share Engineering Knowledge

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries risk a multitude of possible errors due to unplanned redesigns. Needless to say, these errors can lead to substantial revenue loss, and productivity can also be hurt as a result. Almost every industry in the modern world generates a great deal of engineering calculation data, such as specifications, diagrams, test results and formulas. Since the accuracy and availability of this data is paramount to the smooth running of the business, it is imperative to have the right solution in place for capturing and sharing important information. PTC Mathcad Express captures all text and graphics necessary for clearly communicating important information, such as equations and assumptions and results of essential engineering calculations.

Power and Ease of Use at Your Fingertips

Unlike many other math programs, PTC Mathcad Express is designed to enable engineers to work on creating and documenting calculations simultaneously on one worksheet. This helps to reduce potentially errors while promoting collaboration throughout the team. Nonetheless, PTC Mathcad Express does not require any specialized programming skills, and its user interface combines live and standard mathematical notation, graphs and text all within a simple and user-friendly format that is as easy to understand as possible. Its comprehensive capabilities allows users to automate product development processes while saving revenue in the process. Learn more by visiting

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