Massage Service In Massage Centre In Abu Dhabi

Special  massage sessions in massage centre in Abu Dhabi are provided by expert therapists who work to release energy in the body that helps in relaxation.

The Abu Dhabi Massage Technique And Its Beneficial Effects

Thai massage therapy is preferred by a lot of people for its therapeutic effects. Most people may find the technique harder than the other massage styles. This is because Thai massage applies hard pressure on specific body areas of the recipient. It also involves stretching the body of the recipient in postures similar to the ones used in Yoga. Despite of this, most people experience immense relaxation post the massage session. This is primarily because the application of pressure helps to release tension and has a calming and soothing effect. The Thai massage offered in our center and massage in Abu Dhabi is immensely popular due to its relaxing effects.

Thai massage is based on the concept that the human body comprises of sen lines that circulate in the body. The sens represent the energy flows and are known as energy lines. Unhealthy individuals may require realignment of theses energy lines in the body. A Thai massage proves effective in this regard as it unblocks energy pathways. This provides a healing effect and boosts the energy in the body. Research establishes that the human body consists of approximately 72000 energy or sen lines. Out of these, 10 are responsible for maintaining the health of an individual. The Thai massage focuses on these 10 lines. The expert therapists at massage centre in Abu Dhabi focus on these lines to release energy.

Abu Dhabi massage makes use of unique and extreme techniques. The massage strokes are provided using fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. The recipient’s body is positioned in four ways during the session. The positions ensure comfort of the recipient and also enable the therapist to administer the different massage strokes to unblock the energy lines in the body. At massage centre in Abu Dhabi, the therapists take special care to ensure the comfort of the recipient.

The Body to Body Massage in Abu Dhabi may not require the recipient to undress.  The massage can be administered without using any oil or lotion. Thai massage techniques can be used to relieve stress and provide a relaxing effect. These beneficial effects have contributed to the popularity of Thai Massage.