Manipulation Of Electromagnetic Waves For National Security

Clerk Maxwell was the first to discover electromagnetic waves and its passage through empty space in 1860. The finding had big potential. The following will enlighten you on this.

Tactical Signals intelligence: It is the information acquired through the cumulating and evaluation of electronic signals about the said target. The word intelligence is used because on the basis of the information decisions are reached for strategic advantage. Real Time Spectrum Analyzer is to view, arrest, and get insight into the most fleeting, tricky, elusory familiar and unfamiliar signals. It helps to get confidence about the signal environment. Both intermittent and transient signals are captured.

RF Signal Generator: These along with microwave generators are available in various forms with a number of facilities and usefulness. They are electronic test apparatus. The generators examine parts for circuit application for testing of

Cellular communication
Satellite communication
Video broadcasting

Radar Defense: It is unified air as well as missile defense radar. It increases the ships’ ability to ascertain the presence of air and surface targets and know about the ballistic missile danger. Jules Yakapivich was the pioneer in this field. It can locate air targets by


Radionuclide Identification: This device is hand-held size through which radioactive substance are identified. They are put in use by


In short it is used in adverse environmental situations. The size is compact moreover instrument is shock resistant, waterproof with fluorescent lighting LCD.

Pulse generator testing: It is done through an electronic circuit or electronic apparatus with rectangular pulse system. The pulse needs adjustment in its operation. Included I it is

Repetition rate

The applicability overlaps and intersects thus making it a multipurpose apparatus.

Noise Monitoring: For established and high traffic airports noise level monitoring is a part of daily routine for incoming and outgoing flights. The neighborhood complaints on this issue and litigations are filed. It includes

Air quality

Another place where noise monitor is done is industries, site of construction, road traffic, and railway station, crowded places like exhibitions, concerts, and stadiums.

Spectrum Monitoring: It aids in enforcing conformity with international radio traffic laws to prevent crime. Timely breaches get known through radio surveillance as well as radio monitoring. The following are on air simultaneously and can cause interference
Radio stations
Air traffic control
Radio hams

Frequency management is in the interest of all countries.

EW Devices: These include huge transmitters competent of stopping far away vehicles, and the advanced models can cause intense damage. Airborne apparatus are put in use to jam or else fry through electromagnetic radiations. Research is done on large fields or indoor in labs and on success of the test the gadget is fitted in

Army tanks
These devices are on priority for national defense.

Electronic Warfare and waves

Signal source analyzer is a digital device that measures the strength of input signal at one frequency of the instrument. It can be rented or purchased. The work is done through precision. Electronic Warfare-As the name suggests it is warfare through the use of electromagnetic spectrum and its restriction for enemy assault. Energy used is radio waves and laser light. It can cause confusion in the enemy camp. In the warfare listening is also vital. It means radio signal monitoring and perceiving incoming missile. It also includes disrupt and use of signals. It works in three areas

Signal disrupting
Prohibiting receiver jam
Data production reading of electromagnetic spectrum disruption on air, land and sea.


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