Make Your Indoor Environment Healthy and Happy With a Reliable AQI Monitor

The term “air quality” is an indicator for the state of the air we breathe. Superior air quality, as an example, refers to clean and unpolluted air with no particulate pollution. Clean air is essential for maintaining the fragile equilibrium of life on this planet; not just for humans, but also for vegetation, wildlife, soil and water. Air pollution is not just an outdoor issue. The air in closed spaces, such as schools, homes or workplaces can also be contaminated with pollutants.

In order to ensure a comfortable and safe environment to live and work in, it is imperative to regularly check and maintain your air quality. Sick building syndrome, or SBS, is an affliction with symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, nausea, difficulty in breathing and more. It takes up valuable time to recover from, and can negatively affect your productivity. This is of particular concern to a person that is already struggling with chronic respiratory challenges such as asthma, and further impedes their swift recovery. Major factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality can be found in pollutants and waste generated from building materials, inappropriate airing, particulates, explosive organic elements and others. They are also important indicators for health issues and complications.

Appropriate, accurate monitoring and sampling is essential in evaluating indoor air quality and avoiding health risks. Utilizing an air quality meter is commonly considered to be an ideal solution for assessing and monitoring the quality of air in indoor spaces such as cafes, restaurants, schools and offices. There are dependable companies that focus on supplying the best-in-class air quality monitors which give accurate information about indoor air quality.

One such company, Origins Technology, released a highly effective air quality monitor: “The Laser Egg”. The Laser Egg’s AQI monitor is capable of assessing the quality of air to aid maintaining the sustainability of your environment.

About Origins Technology

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