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In this fast paced world, where many peoplehavestressful routines, it is of paramount importance to switch off from hectic schedules and find some relaxing and refreshing time immersed in nature. Such recreational travels are essential to disconnect from working life and recharge.There are many great places across the globe that one can escape to, relax and discover.

If you too are stressed from your tiring work routine and want to visit a place of incredible natural beauty, then the Ingham regionin Far North Queensland, Australia isideal. It is a beautiful partofthe “Great Green Way”, where you can find some of the most stunningtropical scenery and refreshing swimming holes Moreover, your stay in the regioncan be more enjoyable with one of the best Ingham accommodation options- Gowrie Getaway –a luxury holiday home in Abergowrie. The Ingham regionhas amazing natural attractions including Wallaman Falls and Hinchinbrook Island.

Wallaman Falls is Australia’s tallest single drop waterfall – located about 30 minutes’ drive west of Ingham. This attraction is easily accessible from your accommodation Ingham. Approximately 100,000 people visit this amazing waterfall every year. Water pours over an ancient granite ridge and drops 268 meters into a gorge containing rare tropical plants and endangered animals.

Hinchinbrook Island too is one of the must visit places nearIngham. The island and its surroundings form a unique bio-geographical region that is extremely attractive and alluring. The cloud-covered mountains, pristine beaches and rocky headlands will leave you spellbound. All these beautiful places can be accessed from the Gowrie Getaway, a wonderful place for your stay in the Ingham region.

About Gowrie Getaway

Located 30 minutes’ drive west of Ingham, it is an ideal accommodation Ingham QLD for you, having all the wonderful tourist destinations located nearby. You will enjoy every second of your stay with the beauty and services of this holiday home. It is the best place to escape from your routines and discover yourself in its relaxing and refreshing environment. For more information, visit