Loren Israel || Loren Israel || Loren Israel: Making Musicians Great Because the Record Labels Won’t

There was a time when record labels, not only hired the artists to feature them on their grand catalogues, but also worked on developing the artists into figures of main stream media and gain cult following. The music industry is one of the few industries to suffer at the hands of the internet financially. Music being easily available all over the internet has dropped the number of people who genuinely buy music. Same cannot be said about other media like TV shows, or movies which are also easily available on the internet, since they still manage to gain sales. But musicians all around the world have been compromised because of this since the concept of buying music is lost to this generation of internet users. Mr. Loren Israel has been working since the age of record labels to make artists more than just musicians, but entities with a global following. He still continues to provide his services to young artists who have been consumed whole by the internet and have been lacking the necessary recognition according to their talents.

Musicians are trained performers and artists who paint a picture with a 1000 words and melodies. What they are not however, are businessmen. It’s hard to find a musician who has a brain suited for the business and managerial aspects of music which are the key components of making or breaking an artist. Thankfully, Loren Israel has that area covered for artists who genuinely deserve their own spotlight.

With more than 16 years of experience under his belt, Mr. Loren Israel also specializes in teaching songwriting. His teachings other than basic musical teachings include vast knowledge on how to make music that works on the common people like magic. His concepts of creating simple music has changed the careers of many up and coming rock and pop artists who you may now know by name. These artists include the likes of 2AM club, Plain White Tees, The Unlikely Candidates etc. He has also worked with Coldplay and other widely popular artists. Loren Israel is a record producer and an A&R consultant. He specializes in seeking new talent and developing them to take on the challenges of the modern music industry like champions and create a name for themselves.